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Our Offerings

With increasingly complex deals and markets, you need rapid interpretation of deal documentation, thoroughly granular data you can search, and reports you can compare. 


At Debt Explained we produce the finest data, have the best tools to search and give you up-to-date information in your inbox when you need it.  Not just a library of deals but fully populated database for comprehensive information on a deal, on the market - and on trends

Market Maker - High Yield Bond Database

A searchable database that covers 550 points of data across high yield bonds enabling you to quickly search and compare terms - discover what is in the market and find precedents to suit your need.

A unique, custom-built database of deep granularity, Market Maker enables you to quickly find structures, terms and provisions plus compare and contrast deals. Construct your own customisable reports. Save time and avoid having to perform multiple text searches for words or phrases with the same meaning.

In a world of legal terminology, Market Maker gives you data

Representative Loan Terms - Leveraged Loan Database

A unique, up-to-date overview of terms and conditions of private loan documents, you get the essential competitive edge from our Representative Loans Terms (RLT) database, whether pitching, negotiating or evaluating transactions.

In a private market, RLT is searchable, relevant and comprehensive, providing you with unparalleled transparency of loans deals being brought to market, and how they have changed during syndication.

You need competitive intelligence in a private market
We create data from legal documentation to provide just that

Aggressive Covenant Terms Scoring

ACTS utilises our granular data to provide a score of the “standard aggressive terms” of every European HYB issue. Easy to view radar graphs show you how the deal compares to the market; sector and other similarly rated issues. 

Covenant analysis is no longer a matter of opinion
ACTS is an objective numerical answer to a previously subjective assessment

Loan Portfolio Manager

Documentation is part of what you need to keep an eye on when you manage a portfolio of Loans.  But with a constant pressure on terms – how do you know what terms you agreed?  And how can you find out if the latest deal has the same terms?  Loan Portfolio Manager ensures that you can easily know the terms you agreed on every deal in your portfolio, find any particular term and compare against latest deals.  It is easy to get started as we have data on most deals and easy to keep up to date.

The smart way to manage documentation of a loan portfolio

Bond Review Service

High yield investments are complex. You need analysis of the structural and documentation risks in primary transactions, where you have a short turnaround time. You also need to assess secondary market opportunities enabling you to monitor and pro-actively manage those portfolio investments. You need market-leading intelligence and knowledge.

Bond Review Service provides a clear but detailed report where we highlight non-standard risk and structures so you can immediately focus where needed and use our useful comparison tool to review one deal against others with ease.

Meet investment deadlines armed with sound covenant analysis

Loan Review Service

Loan Review Service offers detailed, but clear, reports on the non-standard risk and structures in the leveraged loan market. All based upon our bottom-up, fundamental analysis - the reports ensure that covenant terms are analysed - allowing you to focus on the rest of the document. In a fast-moving market, you can focus on getting the deal done rather than the covenant structures.

Meet deadlines armed with sound covenant analysis

Ask an Expert

There are times when you need more detail on a particular provision or structure of a deal and our senior legal team is on hand. Our Ask an Expert service offers deep domain knowledge at your fingertips. Quite simply you can have peace of mind knowing that our expert legal team are available to help. 

Peace of mind with our senior legal team on hand to answer your questions


Debt Explained produces a range of regular and special reports to inform our users. From market overviews to in depth studies of new aggressive terms, our research enabled you to build your knowledge of the market and identify trends.

Market trends, aggressive terms and outliers presented in our easy to read reports


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